Penn - MAG 3

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Continuing the well-known name, this high performance design is perfect for casting long ranges on both UK and European shores! Built with a sturdy graphite frame and reinforced graphite side plates, this will be sure to carry on the name and do it justice. Finished with a modern red and black design, it has been packed full of features including an indexed magnetic braking system and an anti-reverse bearing, you certainly can?t go wrong with one of these. Available in either a 515 or 525 model. Features Graphite frame and aluminium reinforced graphite side plates Forged aluminium spool Indexed magnetic braking system 6 Stainless steel shielded bearings Instant anti-reverse bearing HT-100 powered drag system Stainless steel main and pinion gear Specification Gear Ratio 6.1:1 Bearing Count: 7 Max Drag: 15lb | 6.8kg Reel Handle Position: Right Instant Anti-Reverse Retrieve Rate: 29" | 74cm Reel Capacity Size: 515 - Mono Capacity: yd/lb 270/12 230/15 160/20 - Mono Capacity: m/mm 250/0.35 215/0.38 145/0.46 - Braid Capacity: yd/lb 525/15 430/20 320/30 Size: 525 - Mono Capacity: yd/lb 280/15 240/17 190/20 - Mono Capacity: m/mm 255/0.38 225/0.41 170/0.46 - Braid Capacity: yd/lb 500/20 380/30 270/50